01 May

2014 Sieger beim "drinks business GREEN AWARD"

Roger Yalden von Carbotek UK + Irland Ltd, erhälte die Urkunde bei der Preisverleihung des drink business GREEN AWARD 2014

Der "Drinks business Green Award" ist das weltweit größte Programm, um auf ökologische Themen aufmerksam zu machen und belohnt damit diejenigen die Pioniere und Wegbereiter zu einer nachhaltigen und umwelfreundlichen Entwicklung sind.
Auszug aus dem Green Award Magazin:
"....Excerpt from Green Awards magazine: "...The company's development of a "Beer in Box" product for transporting and storing beer stood out from  the crowd as particularly exciting initiative that tackles a key area of energy emissions in the draught beer category. Despite the challenge of scaling this up to the biggest beer brands, Beer In Box is already catching on among an international group of brewers, who recognise the benefits of moving away from expensive,  cumbersome traditional aluminium kegs that need to be transported back again when empty. While the statistics so far are compelling, the judges felt it was important to bring attention to a "standout" development whose benefits deserve to be extended far more widely across the beer industry."